Everyone should visit the amazing Caribbean Island of Jamaica at least once in their lifetime. The birthplace of Bob Marley and the place where author Ian Fleming created his most famous character, James Bond, Jamaica is an Island which will feed your imagination and fill your senses.

Jamaica is the third largest of all the Caribbean Islands and is exactly what you’d expect from a tropical island paradise. The days are filled with hours of warm sunshine and blue skies and sea which stretch out endlessly in this most beautiful part of Planet Earth.

We can guarantee that Jamaica has something for everyone. The multi-cultural Island is inhabited by people of mostly Africa decent, with communities of European, Arabic, Chinese and East Indian peoples, Jamaica is a country with a vibrant mix of cultures.

Instantly unique and familiar a trip to Jamaica could include swaying gently in your hammock watching the long Caribbean sunset, or more adventurous activities such as beachcombing, mountain biking, diving or river rafting.

It is worth spending some time in Jamaica. It simply cannot be taken in over a few days. The island’s physical magnificence and beauty appeals to tourists from all over the world. From the mountain peaks to the endless white beaches, Jamaica is waiting to be discovered over and over again.

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